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The Foundation is an all-volunteer organization and does not have staff or a dedicated phone line.  However, messages may be left for the Foundation officers at the Erie Yacht Club office or by contacting one of the Trustees or committee members listed below.

P.O. Box 648
Erie, PA 16512
phone (814) 453-4931
fax (814) 453-6182



2017 Trustees of the EYC Foundation


James McBrier 


814-453-4736 x204


John Bloomstine




Karen Carns

Secretary, Grants Committee



Susan Banka


814-453-4736 x205


P/C William Lasher


P/C John Orlando


J.R. Farrar  



William Lillis  

Intercollegiate Sailing


Mark Rickloff


John V. Schultz III


David Sanner




The Erie Yacht Club Foundation is a 501(c)3 entity based in Erie, Pennsylvania with the mission tosupport charitable and educational purposes, including, without limitation, the establishment,promotion, and operation of activities which further the understanding and knowledge of sailing,boating, and the use of watercraft of all types. We focus our efforts on boater and organizations inthe Erie Community.
The Board of Trustees serves in an advisory and fiduciary capacity. The Board encouragesparticipation by all Members at its regularly scheduled meetings.
Directors are nominated and appointed by a majority vote of the Erie Yacht Club Foundation Boardof Trustees. All Board appointments shall be affirmed by majority vote of the Erie Yacht Club Boardof Directors when appointed. Trustees shall serve for a term of three years and may be reappointedto additional terms.


Current 11 Board members include:
(Three Year Term)Expiring 2016
P/C Brad Enterline
Mickey McMahon
Dennis Markley
Mark Rickloff
Expiring 2017
Karen Carns (Sec)
Susan Banka, CPA
J.R. Farrar
Expiring 2018
John Bloomstine (Vice-Chair)
James McBrier (Chair)
William LillisJohn V. Schultz III


Memorial Cards are available at the Erie Yacht Club Office